Arithmetic Services Web Site

What we do is to perform arithmetic for individuals and companies. We offer a refuge from boredom, a quick service and accuracy.

Some recent jobs involved checking of existing calculations, numerically evaluating algebraic formulae, conversions from archaic units to SI, optimisations, calculation of means and averages and just simple addition of a long list

We are able to stay in business largely because of poor policy in elementary education


Some of our work is simple domestic stuff for home makers of one type or another. Checking their sums or doing simple calculations for them. Taking the drudgery away.

Other more complicated stuff require closer attention and more advanced monitoring.

Some notes are appended.


This is really just what a literary editor would do - look at something new - identify mistakes and daftnesses - only in a technical context.


Send your material to perhaps as an attachment or by post to Tushino Ltd, 2 Church Park, Lea Town, Preston PR4 0SJ.

Please make sure that the documents are legible; scanners for example do not always yield documents of exemplary clarity.

Please enclose a cover sheet saying exactly what it is you want us to do.

Charges : Send a sample for a quote.

New customers can expect a one-off much lesser charge so that we can give you an idea how much repeated work would cost.