The Unsolved Problems Website

Partly for fun, partly for serious work, we (the Tushino Company) are trying to build a list of currently unsolved technological problems. We are looking at technological problems because no-one seems to have tried to catalogue them. Most industries have these knotty hang-ups and they rarely get exhibited to a wider audience. These are also problems which we think might be open to a solution; often problems can be opened up by showing them to a wider, un-indoctrinated public.

We've tried to eliminate problems which require new science to be discovered. For example a cure for male pattern baldness is not going to be forthcoming from a Manchester workshop. It probably requires genetic modification of some type followed by years of testing. We've also marked down, if not eliminated, problems requiring the expenditure of large amounts of capital money at the start.

We envisage such a technological list as being dynamic in some way. In some cases it might be proved that there cannot be a solution to a given problem. In other cases there might already be an obvious solution when the problem is seen by someone in a different industry. Some problems will get invented out.

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